Valorant: Cosplayer Steals the show, Takes on a host of awesome characters

June 17, 2021

“I’ve stood over so many corpses. A few more, does not matter” – Reyna

Valorant celebrated the one-year anniversary of its release a few weeks ago on June 2 and since then, the Riot Games title has gone from strength to strength.

Recently, the Valorant community finally got what they had been waiting for and that’s the reveal of episode three’s upcoming agent, Kay_O. This is, of course, a much-needed addition to the free-to-play first-person hero shooter as it had been over three months since Valorant’s last Agent, Astra, became part of the family.

We all can sympathize with how difficult it is to cosplay as one person as well as to make sure their outfit looks spot on, but imagine cosplaying as four different characters from the same game? That takes a huge amount of talent and one that cosplayer Aryanna has no issues undertaking.


Four for the Price of One

Aryanna is a YouTube personality and broadcaster who is known for publishing beauty, fashion, and DIY videos to her PepperDraws channel. She has gone on to amass over 110,000 subscribers on the platform and even became the face of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

Awash with talent, it seems like there’s nothing that Aryanna can’t do and these Valorant cosplays surely proves that.

Showcasing her incredible attire, Aryanna takes on the powerful characters of Reyna, Jett, Viper and Killjoy and truly makes them her own. She really does kill these costumes and I especially love how she’s also added in each characters personalised gadget.

To check out more of Aryanna’s work, including her cosplays, take a look over at her Instagram page for more information.


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