Valorant Episode 2 Brings Agent Yoru on January 12, Check Out the Trailer

Valorant Episode 2 Brings Agent Yoru on January 12, Check Out the Trailer

Yoru is the new Asian agent with short teleport ability that joins the roster of Valorant tomorrow on January 12.

The second episode of Valorant officially begins as of tomorrow, introducing Yoru as a brand new playable agent with some interesting abilities to use against his enemies.

Revealed with a cinematic trailer recently, Yoru is an Asian agent with some tempting skills, including the ability to walk in an invisible state, setting a teleport gate in the desired place for short teleportation, and a special kind of flash grenade. The official website of Valorant has not detailed Yoru in the Agents section yet, so there might be some differences in the way that his abilities work within the game compared to the trailer.

Episode 2 will also deliver a new Battlepass with lots of new skins and cosmetics. Nothing about a new map has been revealed yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Riot Games drops a new map to the game in the midst of Episode 2.

Valorant is a free-to-play 5v5 hero-based first-person shooter in which players are required to either wipe out the opponent team members or tackle their objective. The game has reached an outstanding success since its launch in 2020. Valorant managed to break some incredible records on Twitch at its launch month. The game is currently available only on PC, but Riot Games previously confirmed that they would consider a console version of the game sometime in the future.

Currently, Valorant features 13 different agents with various abilities, and with Yoru arriving, the number of playable characters will reach 14. The game also has five maps at the moment, which could hopefully increase by one in the upcoming Episode.

Despite launching in June 2020, Valorant managed to get a big share of the free-to-play market since its launch, thanks to Riot Games’ successful portfolio with League of Legends. The game is expected to be supported with more content in the future as it will celebrate its first anniversary in Summer this year.