Valorant Is Being Prototyped for Consoles, Riot Games Confirms

According to the executive producer behind Valorant, they are prototyping it for consoles, but it doesn't confirm a future console launch.

For the first time in its history, Riot Games started working on a competitive online first-person shooter a while back, and today, the result looks outstanding, at least for those who are playing it. The final edition of Valorant launched a few days ago as a free-to-play title on PC, and hopefully, the developers are now trying to implement a way to bring the game on consoles as well.

Speaking to Gamespot, Anna Donlan, the executive producer behind Valorant, confirmed that the team is prototyping the game for consoles, however, it doesn’t mean a console launch for Valorant will definitely happen in the future.

Going into detail, Donlan explained that there’s a certain way to play and experience Valorant, and it should be translated completely to consoles. So, if the team succeeds to bring the same unique experience to consoles, they “absolutely will” launch it on platforms other than PC. That said, delivering Valorant on consoles wasn’t the main focus from the ground up, according to the executive producer.

Currently, Valorant‘s players are experiencing the first episode of the game, Ignition, after learning the basics of the game during the Closed Beta phase for nearly two months. The game now features 11 playable characters, each one with their own special abilities. Valorant‘s gameplay is more like a mixture of Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege, where character abilities play a key role in the gameplay, but when it comes to shooting, you will have access to a wide variety of weapons regardless of the hero you’ve chosen to play as.

Thanks to a deal between Riot Games and Twitch to giveaway Valorant Closed Beta codes through watching the streams, the game managed to break the record for hours of being watched in a single day in Twitch, while reaching 334 million hours watched by the end of April.

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