Valorant Introduces Killjoy, A New Turret-Wielding Agent that Arrives Next Week

Killjoy is the latest Agent that is heading to Valorant and she might very well be one of the most frustrating characters to deal with so far.

After launching in its 1.0 iteration back in June, Riot Games has today unveiled the next Agent that will be joining its multiplayer first-person shooter, Valorant.

Divulged in a new video, Killjoy is Valorant’s newest character, and she looks as though she could be quite pesky to deal with. Hailing in-game from Germany, Killjoy’s special abilities primarily allow her to place various traps around the map. These traps that she can place include an Alarmbot, which tracks down enemies and explodes near them, turrets, which are relatively self-explanatory and fire open foes when they get in range, and a Nanoswarm grenade, which deploys a horde of nanobots to attack opponents. Killjoy’s ultimate ability is called Lockdown, which detains all enemies that are caught in the radius of the ability after it engages.

You can check out Killjoy’s reveal trailer right here to see some of these abilities in action:

All in all, Killjoy looks to be extremely annoying to deal with. In a game that is often all about map control, Killjoy seems to boast some of the most useful abilities in the game to command certain choke points. While each Agent has its own benefits and drawbacks, I can definitely see Killjoy’s turrets getting on my last nerves during my own matches.

Killjoy is the 12th Agent that is available for use in Valorant and will join the game’s roster next week on August 4. Currently, Valorant is only available for play on PC, but Riot Games has previously said it is interested in bringing the game to consoles in the future.

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