Who is Valorant New Agent Astra? Reveal Trailer, Abilities, and More

Astra is the brand new Valorant agent.

Valorant is currently one of the most trending and popular free-to-play hero-based first-person shooter titles on PC that has gathered a lot of players since its launch back in 2020. The game has been receiving continuous support from Riot Games since its release, and with every new Episode – seasonal content – a new playable character and a new map join the game. Thanks to the recent leaks, you can now have a look at the Valorant new agent Astra.

Astra is a brand new agent that uses her ability to detect and identify the enemy location. She can use her ability in different ways. The first method is to drop some purple elements on the desired location which can be triggered anytime by Astra and if there is an enemy nearby, she can see it through walls.

The second method allows her to build a huge elemental wall, similar to Viper’s ability, and spot any enemy who attempts to shoot or pass through the wall. When activating her ability, Astra enters a new dimension that allows him to have a full overview of the whole map.

It’s yet to be seen where the Valorant new agent Astra is from and how other abilities of her would work in the game, as the official announcement has not arrived so far. Astra is going to compete with Sora, whose ability is also detecting the enemy location using his special intel arrows.

There’s a Valorant Twitch Rivals tournament currently going on, featuring some of the well-known Valorant streamers and content creators in multiple groups competing against each other. The tournament’s group stage was held recently, and the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Grand Finale will go live until March 10.

Valorant is now available for free on PC. Developers have confirmed that they will consider a console release for the game in the future as well.

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