Valorant New Pearl Map Sparks Dust 2 Inspired Map Speculations

Will players actually get a chance to Rush B in Valorant?

June 20, 2022

Valorant is gearing up for a major update in the coming days adding the all-new Pearl map in the game, and many fans believe that a Dust 2 map could also be on the way.

It’s been a while since we have seen a new map being released for Valorant. If you are an avid Valorant player, you must know that the Fracture map made its debut in the game all the way back in September. Since then, we have not received a new map, which does make sense considering that Riot Games will be following a six month-cycle at the very least for new maps.

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We have a new map coming to the game in the next couple of days, along with Episode 5 Act 1. The map, named Pearl, is being called an Inferno clone by many. For the uninitiated, Inferno is one of the Active Duty maps in CS: GO and one of the most popular maps in the game as well. After seeing the similarities between Pearl and Inferno, fans believe that Dust 2 would be making its way to Valorant soon as well.

In fact, The Valorant Times posted on Twitter, stating that Riot Games is reportedly working on a new map for Valorant. It adds that David Nottinghan, creative director for Riot Games has stated “Dust 2 has been a fan favorite for decades and we just had to recreate it for VALORANT so our players can also enjoy it.” Fans have started to believe that this tweet is true, which is actually not the case.

In fact, the tweet posted by the account is nothing but satire. so it shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. That being said, the success of Pearl might actually decide if we get a similar map in the near future or not.

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