Valorant New Skins Bundle Leak: Silvanus, First Look, Assist Icons

Here's everything about the new Valorant weapon skins bundle.

Valorant players are desperately waiting for a new weapon skins bundle in the game. Well, guess what? The upcoming skin bundle just got leaked online.

Riot Games’ Valorant is an excellent game, with millions of players loving its competitive approach. Surely, different agents with unique play styles are enough to keep players engaged in the game. However, there’s one more thing that is awesome about Valorant, its enticing weapon skins.

Right now, players are loving the existing Magepunk bundle. However, as new skins are about to arrive in the game, maybe it’s time to move on.

Valorant Leaked “Silvanus” Bundle

Recently, @ValorLeaks on Twitter posted a picture of the new Valorant skins, Silvanus. Interestingly, the new skins bundle flaunts an appealing blue and black color combination.

The guns included in the bundle are Stinger, Sheriff, Phantom, Vandal, and of course, Operator. Honestly, players are relieved that both Phantom and Vandal are included in the new skins bundle.

If you’re wondering what the upcoming skins would look like, well, we have a piece of good news. Interestingly, the showcase of the Silvanus bundle is also out, and here’s the video.

Right now, there’s no official release date or price for the Valorant Silvanus skins bundle. However, it’s safe to assume that the bundle would release by the end of next week, and its price would be between 4500-6000 VP, similar to Magepunk’s price. Nevertheless, it’s still too soon to put a pin on the release date and pricing.

New Assist Icons

Besides the new skins bundle, @ValorLeaks also confirmed the “Assist” icon’s arrival in the game. There are different icons for slow assists, smoke assists, detain assists, and so on.

Thanks to the upcoming icons, assists are going to be recognized more efficiently in Valorant. What’s frustrating is that there’s no particular release window for the “assist” icon either. Anyway, we’ll update this post as soon as more steadfast information surfaces online.

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