VALORANT Player Cosplays Neon in an Electrifying Cinematic

January 16, 2022

Professional cosplayer and streamer Charess shocks VALORANT‘s newest agent to life in a stunning Neon cosplay.

Episode 4 Act 1 recently hit VALORANT‘s servers, introducing the game’s newest agent and first Filipina character – Neon. With electric speed-based abilities, Neon is quickly on her way to becoming the new meta in both unrated and competitive play.

Additionally, Neon enters VALORANT as the game’s 18th playable agent (technically labeled “19” in-game as Agent 08 is still mysteriously absent). She joins the growing roster of Duelists, with an ability set that can quickly end matches when necessary.


Of course, with a new agent comes new fans, and with new fans comes new cosplays. Though, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one more striking than Charess’s, as she bursts onto the scene in an electrifying VALORANT Neon cosplay.


In an official cosplay for Riot Games, Filipina streamer and cosplayer Charess naturally embodies Neon’s feisty attitude. She displays the agent’s rocket-like powers in both a photoshoot and a live-action cinematic. Even further, it’s particularly meaningful that a Filipina creator was able to embody Neon, who is notably the game’s first Filipinx agent.

No stranger to the world of cosplay, Charess is a well-known creator, particularly within Asian cosplay communities. She’s previously transformed herself into Arcane‘s Jinx, VALORANT‘s Viper, NieR: Automata‘s 2B, among many others. Overall, it’s clear that Charess goes beyond and truly embodies the characters she portrays.

Following her photos, it’s clear that they completely nailed this cosplay. From the fantastic glowing VFX to the intricate details of the outfit, she is every bit the cool and focused agent. I especially love the styling of the wig, as it keeps the spiky-haired anime aesthetic without looking out of place from VALORANT‘s world.

  • Cinematographer: Nicko Marcon N. Wong – WongBros (TVPS)
  • Photographers: MacVan Dihayco / Andy Go
  • Creative Director & editor: Archie Abong / DigitalArch
  • Assistant Director: Gunslinger Dirge
  • Behind the Scenes: Danielle Deutsch / Nica Takishima
  • Propsmaker: Shocross Neko
  • Costume Maker: Ding Parado – Solibeau, The Seamstress
  • Wig Stylist: Ran Chii

Though you wouldn’t know it just by looking, Charess and her team only had a short week or two to complete the cosplay and subsequent filming. While a cosplay and shoot of this scale would normally take much longer, they had to quickly combine their resources to complete the project. The results are, undoubtedly, incredible.

“Tara na. Clock’s ticking.”

Finally, check out Charess on Twitter, YouTube, and her personal website! You can also see her full cosplay trailer below:

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