VALORANT Players Compare Fade's First Look With Reyna

First look of Fade is out.

April 18, 2022

Riot Games finally gave us the first look at Fade, the upcoming agent in Valorant. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the new agent and why Reyna is trending on Twitter after Fade’s first reveal.

Valorant has been teasing the 20th agent for the last few days through short teaser videos. We’ve seen existing agents like Cypher, Sova, and Brimstone getting taken over by mysterious dark energy in these videos. It was clear that this energy is part of Fade’s abilities in the game, but we haven’t seen the agent’s abilities in action as of yet. However, Riot did reveal the first image of Fade, giving us a very look at the upcoming agent.


Of course, considering Fade’s leaked abilities, it’s safe to say that Agent 20 will be different from existing agents in the FPS game. However, ever since Riot Games revealed the first look of Fade, the Valorant community has been comparing the agent with Reyna in terms of appearance.

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VALORANT Reveals First Images of Fade

Fade is an upcoming Initiator in Valorant who flaunts a Turkish background. Riot Games revealed the first look of Fade after some images of the agent leaked ahead of the official reveal. Riot Games also confirmed that more information about the agent, such as the gameplay video of her abilities, will be revealed during the Grand Finals of VCT Masters on April 24th, 2022.

Interestingly, several Valorant players think that Fade looks a lot similar to Reyna, the Mexican Duelist in the game. Some players went online to say that the Turkish agent is an alternate and darker version of Reyna. In fact, several players think that Fade is a blend of Sova and Reyna because of her hair and costume color.

The community wonders if Agent 20 is somehow related to Reyna, which seems unlikely given the two agents’ different origins. However, we know very little about VALORANT’s already expanding lore. So, there’s a chance that Reyna and Fade are somehow connected to each other.

Obviously, despite all the comparisons, Fade will play a completely different role in VALORANT than Reyna, and the community will love the idea of a new Initiator in the game. Riot Games didn’t officially reveal a release date for Fade, but we assume that the agent will be available to play with the upcoming Episode 4 Act 3 update.

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