Valorant Prime 2.0 Collection: What is Actually Included?

A new set of Prime Gaming weapon skins for Valorant are on the way.

It was only a few days earlier that Riot Games revealed the brand new Valorant agent, Astra, along with her abilities. However, it seems there’s going to be another announcement soon as some new leaks suggest an upcoming pack of Valorant Prime 2.0 weapons skins.

During a recent Valorant stream by a YouTuber called Vicious Ritik, we got to see some brand new weapon skins that are not available in the game right now. Given that all the new skins have similar designs, it seems a Valorant Prime 2.0 collection is about to be announced soon enough. The new collection includes new skins for Knife, Phantom, Frenzy, Bucky, and Odin. All new weapon skins have been designed in black and white primary colors with golden trims and light blue lighting. The video below will show you all the new skins:

Riot Games and Twitch have been partnering with each other on Valorant for a long time now. The collaboration first started by giving away the game’s closed beta codes through watching Valorant‘s online stream on Twitch. Recently, the two companies also launched a semi-professional tournament for the game called Valorant Twitch Rivals which is currently going on and will end on March 10.

Valorant is one of the new potential titles of Riot Games that have been doing incredibly great since its launch on PC. The developers are supporting the game with seasonal content and recently revealed Astra as a brand new agent.

Riot Games has been previously confirmed that they will consider a console version of Valorant in the future, but there has been no further information about it since last year. With Ruined King: A League of Legends Story on the way to hit current-gen and last-gen consoles later this year, there might be a Valorant announcement for consoles as well.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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