Valorant Streamer Finds The Highest Spot on The Icebox Map

Riot might fix this exploit in a future update.

By Shivam Gulati

September 15, 2021

Recently, Valorant Streamer HowToNoodle found the highest spot in Icebox. The player used Jett to find this spot and got four easy kills in an Unrated match. Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Riot Games’ Valorant features several maps, the latest one being Fracture that was introduced in the Episode 3 Act 2 update. The game also has agents with unique abilities, and it’s common for players to find “broken spots” in a map using a certain agent ability.

Of course, Riot generally fixes exploits that might give an unfair advantage to players. But with new maps and agents coming with every major update, new glitches and exploits are bound to pop up now and then.

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Valorant | Uncover Fracture Official Map Teaser

Valorant | Uncover Fracture Official Map Teaser

Highest Spot On the Icebox Map

HowToNoodle, a Valorant streamer well-known for his insane Jett plays, found the highest point in Icebox. The player used Jett’s Tailwind ability to find this spot.

Apparently, you have to stand at the right side of the ramp at the attackers’ spawn. You’ll see some scratch marks at the ramp if you are using high graphics settings. On that spot, you have to jump and hold the key until you are above the ramp. Then, use the Tailwind ability and when you’re in the air, use Updrafts to land on top of the Garage’s roof.

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From this point, players can see enemies up to Defenders’ spawn, and it will be tough for the enemies to spot you. You can easily watch flanks and take easy kills.

Of course, this exploit is definitely something that might ruin the competitive environment. In fact, Riot might soon fix this exploit in a future update, but we advise you not to use this in Competitive mode until then.

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