Valve Announces a New Counter-Strike Game!

I have many games on my computer, but none more played than Counter-Strike.  I have been playing the game near-continuously for over a decade.  When I bought a mac six years ago, I installed boot camp as soon as I could to continue playing it.  And yesterday, Valve finally did it.  They announced a game that some people have been waiting for since before Half-Life 2 even came out.  Valve announced a sequel to Counter-Strike; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO.

This may come as a bit shocking, seeing as how it isn’t Half-Life 3.  But truth be told, this is the one game that Valve can put out before Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3, whichever it decides to be, that I personally won’t be in the least bit bothered by.

From the Press Release, Valve has announced that CS: GO will be released on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and of course, Steam, and promises to expand on the classic formula, while remaining true to its roots.  The game will feature new weapons, characters and maps, but will also update current maps and content (de_dust is listed as an example).

CS: GO seems to be surprisingly far along in development for a game that was kept quiet for so long, as its release is planned for early 2012 and it will be playable at PAX Prime in Seattle later this month.

[Valve Press Release]


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