Valve Confirms Newly Reported CSGO Leak is Harmless

Valve explained why you can keep playing CSGO and any other related games without worrying about the new source code leak.

Via the Twitter account for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve confirmed on April 22 that playing CSGO and all its related games is currently secure and harmless. Valve issued this statement following claims on social media earlier on April 22 that the game’s source code has been leaked, compromising everything and putting the PCs of players at risk simply by playing online.

In the thread, Valve explained that after reviewing the leaked code, it turned out to be from a limited CS:GO engine code depot released to partners in late 2017. A leak of this CSGO code had already happened in 2018. Valve added there is no reason for players to be alarmed or avoid playing the current CSGO build.

Valve also recommended players to stick with official CS:GO servers.

Lastly, Valve stated that they will keep their eyes on the situation, so players noticing any sort of suspicious activity should fill in a report via the Valve security page.

Personally speaking, this CSGO leak story was particularly scary so I’m glad to know it was nothing to worry about in the end. As I started specializing in Japanese niche games over the years, I haven’t touched a Counter Strike game in maybe over 15 years, but this is still a sigh of relief nonetheless.

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