Valve's Gabe Newell Apparently Might be an Underwear Model in China

Half-Life 3 might not be coming any time soon but Gabe Newell has a new product to sell to you instead.

Well, here’s a story I’m sure you weren’t expecting to read today. It seems that over in China, Valve president Gabe Newell is known for a bit more than just helping to release games like Half-LifeLeft 4 Dead, and Portal.

In a new post from Reddit’s r/PCMasterRace, user ChggnNggts shared a photo of a package of underwear from Chinese brand Long Dian that features Newell’s face as the model on the box. The image of the model on the box of underwear has clearly been photoshopped with Newell’s face having been placed onto a body that clearly isn’t his own. The proportions of the size of his head don’t match up with the body at all. It looks terrible, but also amazing.

Some commenters in the original Reddit thread have also pointed out that the box in question seems to also only include two pieces of underwear. Even when it comes to briefs, Newell can’t count to three.

It’s also worth mentioning that this whole thing could easily be an elaborate hoax that someone mocked up and shared on Reddit as a joke. If that is the case, then I just have this to say: congratulations on getting me to write an entire article about this.

How Newell ended up on this box of underwear is a mystery, but I’m quite all right with it. In a time where Newell isn’t a face-forward at Valve as he used to be, I’ll gladly take a gander at his smiling face wherever I can.

Gabe with the LongD from r/pcmasterrace

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