Valve Index VR Kits Available March 9

Valve Index VR Kits Available March 9

Valve will launch Valve Index VR hardware kits that include a preorder copy of Half-Life: Alyx, available later this month.

If you thought VR was an expensive hobby before, do I have some news for you. Well, the news is you’re right. VR is extremely expensive, from the cost of a beefy enough computer to just being able to afford the necessary space for a VR set-up. Simply put – VR is pricy in every way. And on March 9th, when Valve launches their Index VR Kits, this niche of gaming will get just that much more costly.

The Valve Index actually launched quietly late last year as an alternative to the Vive and Oculus Rift, so what exactly is launching in a little less than a week? For the paltry price of only $999.99, you get the following: a Valve Index headset, a set of controllers, two base stations and a copy of Half Life: Alyx. For those like me that are new to most of VR, the most confusing part of that might be the base stations, and why the pack includes two of them. Simply put, the base stations continuously scan your play area to reflect the movements of your body in a game. One by itself has a range of 7m, so with two, you could feasibly cover a pretty large room.

So why is this kit launching now when all of its parts are already available? The quick and easy answer is to match up with the release of Half Life: Alyx, Valve’s flagship VR title. Revealed back in November last year, Half Life: Alyx immediately created waves. Not only is it the first Half-Life title in 13 years, but Half Life: Alyx is technically impressive. It seems like this kit is for someone looking to get right into VR with high-end equipment and a AAA release soon after.

If you fall in that category or you’re just looking to bolster your VR hardware collection, you can pick up the Valve Index VR Kit here. Half Life: Alyx also launches March 23, and you can pre-0rder it here.