Valve’s Index VR Headset Officially Unveiled, Set to Release in Late June

Valve’s Index VR Headset Officially Unveiled, Set to Release in Late June

The Valve Index has now been fully revealed and it'll cost a pretty penny if you want the entire setup.

After some quiet announcements earlier this year, Valve has today fully revealed the Valve Index, the company’s new virtual reality headset that is slated to release this summer.

The Valve Index comes with dual 1440 x 1600 LCD displays for each eye, which is of a much higher quality than that of OLED. The headset also comes with adjustable headphones and multiple points of maneuverability for greater comfort compared to other VR devices. As for the tracking system, Valve Index uses Base Station 2.0, which is said to offer great movement and FOV when tracking your actions. It’s also worth noting that all VR games you might purchase through Steam will be compatible with the Valve Index.

On the controller front, the handheld devices somewhat mirror those seen from Oculus, but Valve’s version comes with much more functionality. In addition to having two buttons, a trigger, and a thumbstick for each controller, both devices also come with finger tracking so that you can make motions from the real world in-game. Each device also includes built-in force sensors to know how hard or soft you might be squeezing an object. Plus, they just generally look really comfortable to hold.

Likely the biggest question on your mind though: how much will Valve Index cost? Well, it just depends on what sort of bundle you want to get. To get the Valve Index, controllers, and two Base Station 2.0 tracking devices, the full set will retail for $999. You can also purchase the Valve Index alone for $499, the controller for $279, and then single Base Station 2.0 units for $149 each. It’s a costly setup, but it seems like it could be the most high-quality VR system around.

As for when you’ll be able to get your hands on this kit, the Valve Index website says that orders will start shipping out on June 28. This date lines up with previous reports that had leaked the system’s release window.

There’s still a lot left to see about the Valve Index and Valve itself has been toiling away on this project for quite awhile. The system seems very impressive from the specs alone, but time will tell if it can make a dent in the VR market, especially when competition like Oculus is starting to focus more on cheaper, accessible products like the Oculus Quest. Still, it’s nice to see more engagement in the VR scene altogether, especially from a company of Valve’s magnitude.

To see more about the Valve Index, you can head over to the headset’s official website to read up on all of the specs.