Rumor: Is Valve Teasing a Portal 3 ARG in this Counter Strike Easter Egg? [Updated]

This was confusing, I'm making a note here, Portal 3?

There’s something interesting going on within the new Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s Danger Zone mode, or at least, it could be interesting. Basically, players have uncovered a weird message being broadcast that when translated appears to read lyrics from Portal’s iconic “Still Alive” song.

Valve recently made CS:GO free-to-play, and they also introduced a new Battle Royale game mode called, Danger ZoneThose who have traveled to the eastern edge of the map to an area named “Black Site” have found four numbered rooms. These rooms have numbers above the doors, except for the boarded up room number three, because you know, Valve doesn’t do number three.

What players have discovered is that you can get into the boarded up third room by going through room two. Inside is a collection of computers with a message that begins broadcasting to the player. The internet being the internet, some smart players have translated the message and discovered, “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.” being the translation.

Reddit user u/GetSomeGyros detailed their method of translating the message here, You can also watch a video embedded below that shows the computers and broadcast being played.

While this could just be an elaborate easter egg, it could also be pulling a stunt such as the strange message that was played when players in Portal placed radios are certain points. This led to distorted images that started the Portal 2 announcement. You can watch someone decoding that transmission here on Quadstrike’s YouTube channel.

As for this message, a handy video has been compiled together by Valve News Network and also goes into other possible hidden meanings and easter eggs hidden around the map. What do you think? Could this be a possible Portal 3? Could Valve be finally launching a something with a three in it?

Update: It has been confirmed that this is only an Easter egg and not a product placement after the official CSGO Twitter Tweeted out that the below Tweet.

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