Valve Reassures PS3 Gamers Portal 2 Won’t be Another “Orange Box”

Valve Reassures PS3 Gamers Portal 2 Won’t be Another “Orange Box”


The Orange Box…Valve’s packaged title that consisted of Portal, Half-Life, and Team Fortress 2 and each game arguably has their place in gaming history. Unfortunately, the PS3 port of The Orange Box left much to be desired being labeled as one of the worst video game ports ever. For those of you worrying about similar problems with Portal 2 on the PS3, don’t fret. The U.S. PlayStation Blog has interviewed Valve Software’s Joshua Weier and Erik Wolpaw where both project lead and writer expressed their concern for the PS3 side of things this time around.

Initially the PlayStation Blog asked why The Orange Box on the PS3 wasn’t the best version of the game and Joshua Weier exclaimed, “The Orange Box was ported to the PS3 by an external group”. Thankfully, Mr. Weier expanded upon that statement and explained why this time around a PS3 “port” will be different.

As we worked on Portal 2 […] PlayStation had a very open stance on their platform and they were willing to do a lot of work with us to make Steamworks on the PS3 a reality.”

To make things even better, it seems that former Naughty Dog (Uncharted developer) employees have joined the Valve crew. Valve Software was looking for those “who have a lot of experience on the PS3” and the ex-Naughty Dog crew was able to examine Portal 2’s engine and make the “required tweaks to make sure Portal 2 works really well with the PS3”. Be sure to read the full interview here and check out Portal 2 in four days on April 19th for all systems.