Valve Plans to Release First "Full" VR Game by the End of 2019

Valve is looking to release its very first VR title sometime within this year.

Today, Valve introduced us to Valve Index, it’s very own take on a VR headset. A metric ton of news dropped for it including its steep $999 price if you want to buy the kit that includes the headset, two controllers, and the base station. However, what might have flown under the radar was Valve’s VR game they have been developing.

Per Sam Machkovech of Arstechnica, Valve plans on releasing its first “full” VR game by the end of 2019. The game will work on any SteamVR-compatible PC VR system such as their own Index, HTC Vive or Oculus. Valve also did not comment on the other two previously announced VR games. It is worth noting the quotations around the word full.

The game was not described or demonstrated in any way. They did show off a demo utilizing the Index controllers as well as a preview of No Man’s Sky VR.

Valve’s entry into the VR market should be an interesting one. After trying all of the other headsets on the market right now, I have to find out what a $1000 VR setup looks like, feels like, and plays like.

I have always championed for the VR market. It is the first piece of hardware in a while that can provide those mindbending moments of surrealism. Looking back it sounds silly, but, Super Mario 64 blew everyone’s mind back when it launched alongside the N64. Its grasp of 3D space wasn’t anything like we had ever seen before. Virtual Reality gives us the ability to make those leaps once again and if there is a company that can do that, its Valve.


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