Valve to Demo a Virtual Reality Prototype and Discuss Overhauls to Steam at a Conference Next Year

on November 19, 2013 6:15 AM

Valve have announced that they’ll be showing off their own foray into the field of virtual reality at a newly announced “Steam Dev Days” conference, to be held in January next year.

We’ve figured out what affordable Virtual Reality (VR) hardware will be capable of within a couple of years, and assembled a prototype which demonstrates that such VR hardware is capable of stunning experiences. This type of hardware is almost certainly going to appear in short order, and the time to starting developing for it is now.

During Steam Dev Days, the company will also be talking about how they intend to alter the Steam store and development tools to cater to virtual reality devices.

Other presentations at Steam Dev Days will involve a look back at the economy of Steam and Valve’s games, as well as considerations about interacting with customers.

Check out the full presentation descriptions on the conference’s official site.