Valve’s “Compendium” Companion for The International 4 Increases Prize Pool to $3 Million in Four Days

on May 12, 2014 5:44 AM

Four days ago, Valve put a Compendium up for sale, a virtual companion for the upcoming International 4 Dota tournament. 25% of Compendium sales go towards the tournaments prize pool, which today broke the 3 Million Mark.

This represents a total increase of 2 million from the original prize pool of 1 million, something made even crazier by the fact that The International itself is free to watch.

Last year, Valve’s increased the total prize pool to $2.8 million over the entirety of its sale period, a number that looks to be utterly eclipsed by this hyear’s sales.

This comes after news last month that the 10,000 tickets for The International were sold out within an hour.

The International 4 will kick off July 18 at the Key Arena, Seattle.