Valve’s E3 Reveal Isn’t Episode 3 – Gabe Newell

Valve’s E3 Reveal Isn’t Episode 3 – Gabe Newell


Well, there goes all your hopes and dreams flushed down a crap-infested toilet. Valve big boy Gabe Newell has mailed fansite to say that the developer’s E3 reveal isn’t related to Half-Life 2: Episode 3 – a game which fans have been waiting for since the cliffhanger ending in 2007. For those of you who are too lazy to count, that’s three years.

If you can recall, Valve had the internet manic with speculation last week when they announced that they were replacing their Portal 2 event with a “surprise.” As of now, I’m pretty sure that the only surprise fans were really hoping for was something Half-Life 2 related, as many questions remain to be unanswered, and much ass deserves to be kicked.

When Newell was emailed questioning what the surprise might be, he simply replied, “It isn’t ep 3.” Along with the total crotch-punching rejection of anything Episode 3, Newell also dismissed an image bearing the Half-Life logo, hero Gordon Freeman’s name and “14th June” – the date of Valve’s E3 event, labeling it “fake.”

In the midst of all this egregious news, there is some somewhat pleasing news: Portal 2 will definitely be shown at this year’s E3. Next week is the big ol’ E3 event, so make sure to check here very often for any news and updates regarding Valve’s secret event.