Vampire: The Masquerade -Bloodhunt - Top 5 weapons for any Archetypes

By Vignesh Raja

September 8, 2021

“New vampires in the Bloodhunt universe may find themselves in a fix to choose the best weapons from the ground. Don’t worry here is a complete guide to the Top 5 best weapons”

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt is a newly released battle royale game based on Vampire pop culture. The game has been gaining more and more traction over the past few days with newer players joining each day.

Similar to other battle royale games, new players may find a difficult time picking the right weapons for them. If you are one of those confused gamers, the following list will help you choose the best weapons the next time you jump inside a lobby.

5. Marksmen Rifle

Kicking off the list for the best weapons in Bloodhunt is the Marksmen rifle. Though classified as a Long-range weapon, Marksmen Rifle does a terrific job as a weapon in dealing with enemies in both mid to long-range.

The Slow fire rate of the weapon is matched with its high DPS numbers and looks like the Bloodhunt version of AUG. I’d highly recommend this gun to be used as a secondary weapon and choose other weapons on the list as a primary.

4.Burst Rifle

As the name suggests, Burst Rifle is a semi-automatic burst-type weapon. The gun is very good to tackle enemies in almost every range and can serve as a primary great backup weapon till you find a better one to replace it.

Currently, The gun has two modes of fire, single and burst tap. Players can switch between the two types depending upon their level of comfort and the style they prefer. The main downside to this Bloodhunt weapon is the burst mechanism we can often be countered by other automatic weapons in close range.


The Tommy Gun is one of the most popular LMG guns to be replicated in almost every video game. The famed gun is also featured in the new battle royale game and is quite lethal in serving as a primary weapon.

The Gun is the best beginner-friendly weapon on the list with its low recoil pattern and high magazine size. The gun can be found in almost every spawn point on the map and is viable till the last zone of the game.

Bloodhunt – Official Announcement Trailer

Bloodhunt – Official Announcement Trailer

2.Silenced SMG

Source: DishSoapXD

If you really want to use a better SMG than the TommyGun SMG you should have a better look at the Silenced SMG. The Silenced SMG is one of the best guns inside the game if wielded by the right players.

As the name suggests, The gun has a silencer module attached to the original base SMG making it one of the best stealthier weapons on the entire list. The stealth mechanism allows players to engage in more fights while avoiding third-party scenarios.

However, The Gun is notoriously known for its low spawn rates and is very difficult to find when compared with other SMGs.

1.Assault Rifle

Finishing off the list for the best weapon in the early access stage of blood hunt is the Assualt Rifle. Similar to other battle royale games, the assault rifle in bloodhunt is extremely viable and good in almost every situation.

The Assualt rifle has the highest DPS number inside the game and combined with its Low recoil pattern the gun is lethal in almost every shooting range, Close, Long, and Mid-range.

Apart from the high damage numbers, the weapon can be almost found on every major drop location like the University Garden, Slaughterhouse, and Prince heaven. Similar to other bloodhunt weapons, the Assualt rifle also has a rarity type to it and we recommend you find the “High Caliber – Assualt Rifle” for the best outcome.

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