New Vampyr Gameplay Video Shows off Story, Combat, and Difficult Choices

New Vampyr Gameplay Video Shows off Story, Combat, and Difficult Choices

Watch over 11 minutes of brand-new and raw Vampyr gameplay footage showing off the dark narrative action-RPG.

During the heart of E3 2017, Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Focus Home Interactive released a new gameplay video that shows off over ten minutes of raw gameplay footage highlighting the the narrative driven action RPG’s story, combat, and difficult choices, accompanied by developer narration.

In Vampyr, you play as a newly-turned vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid, a doctor by profession who must find a cure to 1918 Londons flu-ravaged city. As a vampire, you will face off against vampire hunters, but other vampires, Skal, and other monstrosities.

One of the game’s core concepts is the duality between being a hero doctor and a vampire that Reid has to struggle with. In the game, every decision, every citizen killed or not saved will affect London, how it looks, how it turns out, and its overall safety. From missing kin to shop closures, the act of is killing is nearly unavoidable, but ultimately who lives and who doesn’t is in your hands: with every civilian killable or savable. Each citizen has their own name, back story, and daily life they live, and how you interact with them will affect your playthrough, guiding you to one of four different endings.

Vampyr is poised to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime in November. Below, you can check out the new gameplay footage. Additionally, be sure to check out some of our previous articles that detail the game’s protagonist and that provide insight into its semi open-world, vampire types, side and quests, more.