Vampyr Launches in November; New Trailer and Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

Vampyr Launches in November; New Trailer and Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

Vampyr from Life is Strange developer is set to hit sometime in November. In the meanwhile, you can read about the game's pre-order bonuses and watch its newest trailer.

Today, developer Dontnod Entertainment — who you may recognize as the team behind Life is Strange — and publisher Focus Home Interactive announced that their narrative driven action RPG, Vampyr, is poised to release sometime in November.

In addition to the release window announcement (the release used to just be Q4 2017), Dontnod and Focus Home also released a new trailer and the game’s pre-order bonuses.

The new trailer, which is accompanied by the rock song Devil by IDA MARIA, shows off a lengthy, rather cinematic, look at the game, its dark alleys, deadly underground passes, and corrupt neighborhoods. Additionally, the trailer also provides a first glimpse at The Ascalon Club, a society formed of the richest vampires, unbeknownst to the mortals.

Meanwhile, the preorder bonus includes “The Hunters Heirlooms”DLC pack, which consists of two weapons and a suit. The two weapons include Dragonbane, “The sword of Paulinus Aurelianus, mythical founder of the Brotherhood of Saint Paul Stole, known as a dragon hunter,” and Barker, “The pistol of Carl Eldritch, second leader of the Guaard of Priwen, who has taken an oath to hunt down every last vampire.” The new suit includes the Dark Physician Suit, which is said to be “perfect for a vampire doctor who must travel discretely through London under pouring rain or in the biting cold of the night.”

In the game you play as newly-turned vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid, a doctor who must find a cure to 1918 London’ flu-ravaged citizens. As a vampire you’re ultimately cursed to feed upon those you heal; but the choice is up to you whether or not your want to embrace your monstrous side, as you face of against other vampires, vampire hunters, Skal, and other monstrosities.

One of the game’s core concepts is said to be the duality between being a vampire and a doctor that Reid has to struggle with. In the game, every citizen killed will affect London’s safety. From shop closures to missing kin, the act of killing is unavoidable, but who you kill, and how, is in your hands completely. Every civilian can be killed or save — and each has their own name, back story, and daily lives. Notably, you can play the game — which has four different endings — without killing a single person. What decisions you make will have a large impact on the rest of the game’s citizens and how they react to you, thanks to a deep and interconnected citizens system.

Vampyr is poised to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Below, you can check out the new trailer. Additionally, be sure to check out some of our previous articles that detail the game’s protagonist and that provide insight into its semi open-world, vampire types, side and quests, more.