Vampyr Gets Tons of New Info on its “Semi-Open World,” Side Quests, Vampire Types, and More

Vampyr Gets Tons of New Info on its “Semi-Open World,” Side Quests, Vampire Types, and More

Courtesy of new interviews by God is a Geek and WCCF Tech with Stephane Beauverger, Narrative Director at Dontnod, we now have a whole slab of new details about the developer’s upcoming game, Vampyr.

To begin, we now know that Vampyr is not an open world game, but in fact a “semi-open world” game. What this means is that you can go freely everywhere in London, because most of the different parts are interconnected, however, there a few locations that are locked for storyline reasons. According to Beauverger, the game does not contain a huge world like Skyrim or GTA. How much smaller it is in comparison to these two, was not revealed.

As mentioned above, the game is set in London, and according to Beauverger the recreated city is based on historical facts, and required the team to dig up old documentaries and materials to nail down the game’s 1918 London look and feel.

Beauverger confirmed that there are 60 different citizens in the game, with no “nameless Joe character.” Echoing what has been revealed before, the director said every citizen has a name, an identity, friends, neighbors, families, jobs, etc., and how you interact with each citizen (or whether you decide to kill them) will have a local impact on the people who knew said citizen. Aka, there is some type of dynamic community system at play.

Beauverger also talked about the game’s side quests, and noted that if you kill too many citizens (who give you side quests) there is a price to pay. If you kill too many people too soon, you can reach what is the developer calls the ‘critical health status’ for the district. This means that once you kill enough citizens in a district (even if you leave some alive), the district will begin to crumble, and you will lose the entire district. You will be able to go back to said district, but it will be just monsters, guards, and vampires. Interestingly — and tying back to the side quests — because citizens give you side quests, you lose the ability to do one if you kill the citizen that gives you it. If a whole district goes, you will also lose the merchants in this area. At the end of the game, if you killed lots of people you can have the city burning down and no one left alive. You can also not kill anyone, but because much of your XP comes from killing people, this is the most difficult type of playthrough Beauverger revealed, mostly because you will be weak due to the lack of XP.

We also now know that each time you kill someone there is a saving point and you can’t go back. Like the game State of Decay, when someone dies that is it, you have to live with it.

Beauverger also revealed that there are three different types of skill sets, which in turn allow you to be a different type of vampire. You can decide to play as a shadow vampire, who are said to be discreet and stealthy, and who use their powers to manipulate their victims. You can play as a instinct vampire, who are much more brutal, have claws, and are aggressive. Or you can be a blood vampire, who can control enemies and do things like make their blood boil, or impale them on blood stakes.

Lastly, Beauverger talked about the game’s different factions. According to the director, you will meet at least two different factions of vampires in Vampyr. One are referred to as a lesser species of vampire, “unwanted children of the vampire,”who hide in the sewers. It is said other vampires tend to kill lesser vampires on sight because they are far less clever.

The other faction are said to be “very posh, very aristocratic and members of the high society.” These vampires secretly rule London, and even parts of the British Empire in fact. They are said to be servants of the crown, really conservative, and that they don’t want any female members. Beauverger describes them as “immortal assholes.”

And that’s about it for new information. Vampyr is slated to release in Q4 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.