Vanquish Engineer Discuses Differences Between Versions

Vanquish Engineer Discuses Differences Between Versions


While Platinum Games’ Bayonetta was nothing short of epic, there were notable differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. So, it was pretty much inevitable that people would make assumptions about the two versions of their upcoming TPS Vanquish.

Earlier today, on the Platinum Games website, system programmer Hideaki Nakata discussed creating the games PS3 engine and what he set out to accomplish with it. He finished the post with a noticeably short comment about the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions:

We also tuned the title so that if you play Vanquish on the PS3 or theXbox 360 you should notice little to no differences
even the developers on the Vanquish team have a hard time telling thetwo versions apart at a glance… So no matter which console you have,you have nothing to worry about!

Being positive, I think this assuages the “Bayowrekka” concerns for this game. Playing advocate though, we’ll just have to assume that “Little to no differences” aren’t actually purchase-deciding differences. Vanquish hits both HD consoles on October 19th and a playable demo will be available on August 31st.