Vanquish Falls Short of One Million Units in 2010

Vanquish Falls Short of One Million Units in 2010


Unfortunately, the critically acclaimed TPS Vanquish did not sell very much last year. From its October launch through December, the game sold 820,000 copies. This performance was better than SEGA’s  Football Manager 2011 which sold nearly seven hundred thousand copies but not nearly as good as Sonic Colors which sold almost two million copies.

According to SEGA:

“In the overseas markets, sales of the new titles remained slow as affected by the adverse market condition, although sales remained solid in the Japanese market,”

I am personally a big fan of Vanquish and wish that it had performed better. Bayonetta, another game from SEGA, sold over a million copies last year and perhaps brought more success to the company. The next Platinum developed SEGA published game will be Anarchy Reigns, which releases later this year for HD consoles. Check out our review of Vanquish here.

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