Rumor: SEGA Teases Something Tied to Vanquish; Potentially a PC Port

Rumor: SEGA Teases Something Tied to Vanquish; Potentially a PC Port

The cult hit 2010 third-person action title Vanquish is potentially gearing up for something in 2017 according to a new teaser from SEGA.

PlatinumGames’ cult classic Vanquish was a title that garnered a small (but passionate) fanbase for its unique third-person action gameplay, and in a new tease from publisher SEGA, we might be seeing a reappearance from the game later this year.

In a tweet from publisher SEGA, an imaged shared on the company’s Twitter account this morning is teasing some kind of announcement or game release, with only an image of an emblem and “2017” offering any kind of clues to go off of.

However, many sharp-eyed fans on Twitter pinpointed the emblem as that of Victor Zaitsev, the main antagonist of Vanquish and indicating that the tease definitely ties in some way to the game.

While there is always the possibility of a new game in the series, the most likely evidence points this announcement towards a PC version of Vanquish arriving sometime this year, as SEGA released the PC version of the beloved PlatinumGames hit Bayonetta last month and included a small hint towards Vanquish being the next title to head to PC.

Vanquish first released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in October, 2010 – stay tuned for any official confirmation of what may come next for Vanquish.