VCT Masters Berlin Schedule and Teams Revealed

Here's all you need to know about VCT Masters Stage 3.

By Shivam Gulati

September 8, 2021

The entire Valorant community is waiting for the VCT Masters Berlin to begin. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 schedule and teams.

The Esports community already knows that VCT Masters Berlin will be the largest Valorant tournament to date. The event will kick off on Friday, September 10th, two days after the release of the Episode 3 Act 2 update, and it will come to an end on September 19th, 2021.

Moreover, Riot revealed the exact schedule of the Valorant Masters Berlin to let us know all about group matches, Quarters, semifinals, and finals.

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Valorant | Uncover Fracture Official Map Teaser

Valorant | Uncover Fracture Official Map Teaser

When Does Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin Start?

VCT Masters Berlin will start on September 10th, 2021, at 6 AM PDT. You can watch the event on Valorant’s official Twitch channel. Besides that, there are VCT watch party hosts, including Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, Kyedea, and several others.

Anyway, here’s the exact schedule of VCT Masters Stage 3:

Group Matches

Day 1 (Friday, September 10th at 6 AM PDT)

  • B2: KRU Esports vs ZETA Division
  • C1: Gambit Esports vs Crazy Racoon
  • D1: F4Q vs G2

Day 2 (Saturday, September 11th at 6 AM PDT)

  • B1: Envy vs Vivo Keyd
  • A1: Vision Strikers vs Paper Rex
  • C2: 100 Thieves vs Havan Liberty

Day 3 (Sunday, September 12th at 6 AM PDT)

  • D2: Sentinels vs G2
  • A2: SuperMassive Blaze vs Acend
  • Winners of C1 vs C2

Day 4 (Monday, September 13th at 6 AM PDT)

  • B3: Winners of B1 vs B2
  • A3: Winners of A1 vs A2
  • D3: F4Q vs Sentinels

Day 5 (Tuesday, September 14th at 6 AM PDT)

  • D4: F4Q vs G2 Esports
  • B4: Losers of B1 vs B2
  • C4: Losers of C1 vs C2

Day 6 (Wednesday, September 15th at 6 AM PDT)

  • A4: Losers of A1 vs A2
  • D5: G2 vs Sentinels
  • B5: Losers of B3 vs B4

Day 7 (Thursday, September 16th at 6 AM PDT)

  • A5: Losers of A3 vs A4
  • C5: Losers of C3 vs C4
  • D6: Sentinels vs F4Q


After seven days of group matches, Quarterfinals will take place on Friday, September 17th at 6 AM PDT.


Stage 3 Semifinals will be held on Saturday, September 18th, 2021. The matches will begin at 8 AM PDT.


VCT Masters Berlin will conclude with the grand finals on Sunday, September 19th, 2021, at 8 AM PDT.

Bren Esports fans would be disappointed to hear that the Filipino team won’t compete at VCT Masters Berlin because of Visa issues. Riot confirmed they would reward 175 VCT points and associated prizes for qualifying into Masters Berlin.

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