Vectronom Bounces Into Switches and PCs Everywhere This Month

Vectronom is a trippy rhythm-based platform with hypnotic music that forces you to dig into the flow of the sound to successfully finish each stage.

Vectronom is an upcoming rhythm-based platformer from developer Ludopium and publisher ARTE France. The game features colorful visuals, hypnotic electronic music, and buttery smooth platforming gameplay. Give the launch teaser a look below.

Vectronom is the first game from independent studio Ludopium. That said, don’t let their lack of experience fool you. The game has already pulled in multiple Con awards, including “Best in Play” at this year’s GDC.

The game blends a psychedelic world with captivating music to produce an experience unlike many others in the platforming genre. You need to move with the beat if you want to successfully navigate each stage. Platforms warp in and out of existence as the music pulses, making careful planning and precise movement of utmost importance.

Some might be reminded of games like Crypt of the NecroDancer when they see Vectronom in action. That comparison doesn’t seem too far off base. However, Vectronom appears to embrace platforming in the same way Crypt focused on being a roguelike. So, even though the games look to control similarly, Vectronom still feels like a fresh experience.

Vectronom’s main mode is a tough single-player campaign. This will be the meat and potatoes of the experience. The game also supports drop-in, drop-out multiplayer that lets your friends join in on the hypnotic experience. And for all you DDR players out there, the game is compatible with digital dance mats. I can’t wait to see the Twitch speed runs that come out of this one.

Vectronom will be out on Nintendo Switch and PC on May 29. Until then, check out a few videos the team has released showing off different aspects of the game below.

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