Velocity 2X Developer FuturLab Discusses Bringing the Game to Nintendo Switch

During an interview with DualShockers, James Marsden discussed developing for Switch and how it could be seen as a PS Vita successor for indies.

Later this week, developer FuturLab and Curve Digital will be releasing Velocity 2X on Nintendo Switch. Before its release, DualShockers was able to interview James Marsden, Owner and Director at FuturLab. Part of this discussion encompassed developing for Nintendo Switch, and James Marsden was able to give some interesting tidbits of information on it.

While they aren’t a Sony-exclusive developer, FuturLab mainly releases titles on their platforms, which makes it interesting to see them branch out to Nintendo Switch. James Marsden revealed that FuturLab wanted to bring Velocity 2X to Switch shortly after the system’s launch last March, but was not able to do so until now. He also confirmed that “nothing was compromised” in this port, and said that it wasn’t that difficult to develop for the system:

“We made the decision soon after Switch was released, as we love the platform and think that Velocity 2X is a perfect fit for it. However, we didn’t have the capacity to bring it over until now for various reasons…

To be honest, it wasn’t a difficult port. We have some very talented folks here at the studio who managed to bring the game over and make sure that nothing was compromised in the port for Nintendo players.”

I also asked James Marsden if he believed the Switch is a good home for indie games, as many have deemed it. He seemed to agree, especially when it comes to level-based games like Velocity 2X. We also drew some comparisons between the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita, which FuturLab has actively supported:

“The Switch gives you an amazing experience whether it is on the go or at home. For a title like Velocity 2X, it’s perfect because you can spend hours perfecting your run or minutes just getting through a level or two…

We were big fans of the PS Vita here at FuturLab which, for a time at least, was also seen as a great home for indies. The Switch has taken up that mantle since then and we’re very happy it has. It’s a beautiful and incredibly versatile machine.”

Overall, it seems like bringing Velocity 2X to Nintendo Switch has been an enjoyable process for FuturLab. When asked if FuturLab has any plans to bring their other titles over to the hybrid console if Velocity 2X is successful, James Marsden said there are “no official plans as of yet.”

Velocity 2X is currently available on PC, PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One, and will be available for Nintendo Switch on September 20. Stay tuned for DualShockers’ full interview with James Marsden of FuturLab.

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