Velocity 2X Hits PS4 & PS Vita On September 2

Velocity 2X Hits PS4 & PS Vita On September 2

Futurlab announced that Velocity 2X will launch for PlayStation4 & PS Vita on September 2 in North America and September 3 in Europe.

The new trailer and batch of screenshots reveal new bosses and new gameplay features. You can now fly your ship inside the bosses to be able to destroy them from the inside out.

James Marsden, managing director of Futurlab covers his thoughts why he thinks Velocity 2X is a “game of the year” winner. He states:

How can I be so sure? Think about what game-of-the-year means: best-in-class for audio, graphics, gameplay quality & production value.

He later added on why he thinks we will agree with his statement:

When you get your hands on Velocity 2X, I know you’ll agree: with layers of depth and complexity of the gameplay features, the ambition is vast even compared to AAA titles. We have great teleporting, tele-dashing, scroll boost and telepods that all mesh together seamlessly. Also puzzles, platforming, gorgeous shmup-action, amazing boss fights and kick-ass gunplay!

He also stated that really big games may exceed in one or two things but “Velocity 2X kicks ass at everything!”. 

Check out the new trailer and batch of screenshots below: