Velocity 2x Receiving a Physical Release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

BadLand Games and FuturLab's Velocity 2X gets a definitive physical edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, including a variety of goodies that are a collector's dream.

June 6, 2017

Fans of the top-down shoot ‘em-up experience Velocity 2X will rejoice at the news that the game will be receiving a physical release for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in the form of Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition.

Publisher BadLand Games and developer FuturLab announced today that the award-winning title’s new physical edition will include a variety of special features detailing some of the development team’s favorite stories in creating Velocity 2X, plus much more such as the Critical Urgency expansion with six extra levels, Dual Core expansion with 10 extra levels, and the Daily Sprint expansion, which provides a new, randomly generated platforming level each day that can be practiced infinitely but only recorded once.


In addition to the base game of Velocity 2X, the Critical Mass Edition includes an exclusive ‘Making-Of’ documentary (20+ minutes) and official soundtrack CD by Joris de Man (composer of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s official soundtrack). The PlayStation 4 version also includes an exclusive studio booklet on the game’s inspiration and creation. The PlayStation Vita version does not include this booklet.

Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition is now available for pre-order. For the collectors out there, you should know that ordering the game early will garner you an exclusive Velocity 2X artbook.

Director of FuturLabs James Marsden believes that fans eager to learn more about the game will find precisely that in the Critical Mass Edition.

“Aside from receiving the lovely art book, soundtrack and all the expansions, the behind the scenes special feature content is really excellent.

“Fans will learn a great deal about how the game came about, how it developed, and the important roles that Shahid Ahmad and Joris de Man played in its production.”

Velocity 2X tells the story of Lt. Kai Tana, the pilot of a prototype jet, who must free various enslaved races from the clutches of the evil Vokh, then use the abilities of her ship to ensure the tyrannical civilization never reaches Earth.

Here are a few of the core gameplay features you can expect to find in Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition.

  • Experience top-down shoot ’em-up gameplay mixed with a side-scrolling platformer.
  • Play more than 66 levels – plus the Daily Sprint expansion at 60 FPS.
  • Employ a variety of moves – including on-foot teledash, Vokh teledash combat, 360-degree shooting, telepod throwing, and cybernetic sprint.
  • Engage the Quarp Drive teleport to outsmart your enemies in race-tuned space combat – and then dock your ship to infiltrate bases and destroy their defenses.

You can pre-order Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition from various European retailers including Amazon, GameStop, and 365 Games. The game will be released on June 30.

Below is the edition’s launch trailer.

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