Verizon Has Begun Testing Its Own Game Streaming Service, Verizon Gaming

Verizon Has Begun Testing Its Own Game Streaming Service, Verizon Gaming

As the next major player to enter the game streaming market, Verizon Gaming is working to allow users to stream a variety of titles to smart devices.

With major companies like Google beginning to test the waters with game streaming in the mass market, streaming appears to be making a major breakthrough for gaming markets around the world, and now Verizon appears to be yet another name trying to expand the reach of gaming beyond traditional console platforms.

In a report from The Verge, alpha testing has begun for Verizon Gaming, a new platform in the works from Verizon that would provide users the ability to stream games to smartphones and other devices, with the service confirmed to be running on Nvidia Shield and (down the line) to run on Android smartphones.

According to The Verge, a small group of users have begun alpha testing the Verizon Gaming service, with more testers to begin trying it out later this month as it expands through Google Play. Over 135 titles are reported to be involved with the service so far, with images from The Verge highlighting major titles that seem to be coming to the service such as Far Cry 5Destiny 2, and Battlefield V. Notably, the images featured several unexpected titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2God of War, and Detroit: Become Human, though it’s unknown at this time whether these titles will actually appear on the service or (more likely) may be placeholders.

All in all, over 135 games are reported to be on the service so far, though at this time, the Verizon Gaming team is said to be “primarily focused on performance” of the service’s streaming capabilities, and most likely looking to reduce the amount of latency for users while streaming.

While the details on this project are still very early, as Verizon hasn’t publicly announced or begun showing this project in full just yet, the move into game streaming still should make Verizon a strong player in the burgeoning market. The most prominent figure right now is Google with Project Stream, which utilized Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to demonstrate the tech behind it over the past several weeks. Likewise, Amazon is also reported to be looking into the market with their own game streaming platform down the line.