Vertagear’s PL4500 RGB Chair Features Wireless LED/RGB Lighting

The PL4500 RGB by Vertagear is the world's first ever wireless RGB gaming chair, featuring an interesting design, and plenty of room for color customization.
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There’s no doubt that RGB gaming products are trendy in the industry. From gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, graphics cards, and even motherboards just about anything you can think of has at least one device sporting RGB lighting. However, for those who are looking to add another RGB product into their collection, Vertagear has announced today the industry’s first ever RGB gaming chair.

According to the press release, the PL4500 is the latest product in the manufacturer’s racing series of gaming chairs. The PL4500 is powered by batteries and offers RGB lighting behind the headrest through-holes located on the chair as well as on the bottom of the sear piston. Vertagear also confirmed that this new chair could stay lit and change colors for up to 30 hours when it is fully charged.

Additionally, the PL4500 RGB has built-in NZXT CAM integration. Once CAM recognizes that the chair is connected to the system gamers will have the freedom to customize their chair’s RGB lighting with a slew of colors and various effects, which is all done thanks to a wireless USB device that plugs into your PC, allowing you to sync your chair with your PC.

Currently, the PL4500 RGB does not have a final retail price or a release date. However, the manufacturer is anticipating to launch the product sometime this spring. Until then, check out the new announcement video flaunting the product.

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