VGAs 2011: The Last of Us Premiere Trailer Shown

on December 10, 2011 8:19 PM

Naughty Dog kicked off the spree of VGA trailers with theirs for The Last of Us.

Starting off with a view of an abandoned house, the trailer then shows a teenage girl who looks and sounds like Ellen Page. A friend of hers fights off a man in the top of the building, and she takes some bullets he has on him. They then fight a mutated monster that attempts to kill her friend.

According to the girl, their lives are heavily focused around just surviving. The camera then pans out to show an I Am Legend-esque city, covered in greenery and desolated machinery.

From the way the trailer looks, it seems like we’ll be getting another Uncharted-esque cinematic game, but with a vastly different setting and tone.

The Last of Us will be exclusive to Sony platforms. You can watch the trailer past the cut:

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