These Video Game Cartridges That Are Laser-Carved in Wood are Truly Incredible

These Video Game Cartridges That Are Laser-Carved in Wood are Truly Incredible

These handcrafted wooden video game cartridges by California native IMGURian are utterly fantastic in their design - the amount of skill and effort that has gone into each one is truly commendable

Back in the day while attending high school, I loved doing a lot of woodwork projects that consisted of pencil holders, nifty little boxes etc that I thought were amazing, well it seems that may have been a lie now that I’ve seen how it’s really done and I only wish I had thought of this when I was at school – I probably would have ended up quite rich by selling these in the school cafeteria!

This amazing creative woodwork is done by the skilled hands of IMGURian who showcase their masterpieces on Instagram, but not only that – you can also buy these beauties for yourself on their Etsy store. Time to open that wallet and get spending I think, although the hardest task at hand would be which one to pick. IMGURian hosts an array of video game woodwork cartridges from some of the most well-known titles in history like Pokemon, Metal Gear, Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat and The Legend of Zelda to only name a few.

For the older generation, there are some excellent retro titles wonderfully crafted that is a must-have for collectors – my personal favorite from the retro selection is the Sega original Sonic cartridge and the nostalgic Contra that bring back some great gaming memories.

IMGURian originally only made NES/SNES cartridges out of wood but kept getting asked about making a Soul Reaver cartridge, so that started their journey into what we see now. A lot of the cartridges are made from walnut, cherry, and poplar using a laser engraver that would take a painstaking amount of hours to finish and perfect, but the end result really is second to none.

If you would like to pick up one or three of these handcrafted wooden video game cartridges for yourself, head on over to their Etsy site – word of warning though, you may end up pretty poor after you see what is on offer and the quality that’s gone into them. If there’s a particular game that isn’t listed, don’t worry as they can be made to order too.