We Need Video Games Now More Than Ever

In a growing time of uncertainty and anxiety, remember to stay safe, healthy, and take some time to let video games help us through this.

March 16, 2020

At this point, it’s hard to check the news or turn on the TV and not face the reality of the growing concerns and situation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Within the span of a week, life around the world has fundamentally changed and been altered by this pandemic, in nearly every corner imaginable. Everyone is facing this right now around the world, and there is no doubt that the effects of it will be felt for months (possibly years) to come. That of course includes the games industry and communities as a whole.

From the cancellation or postponement of major community and industry events like GDC and E3, to the potential impacts that this could have with next-generation consoles and games on the horizon, it may feel hard to enjoy the hobby that we all love so passionately when so much else is going on around the world right now.


It’s completely understandable to feel anxious, confused, or scared at a moment like this, given its unprecedented, global nature. Nothing like this has happened in our lifetimes, and the ramifications of it are sure to be felt for some time after.

That being said, it’s moments like this where games (and the gaming community) are able to come together in a way that benefits us all. Gaming has already provided an outlet for escapism and relief in the worst of times, and if there has ever been a moment that we needed it, now is definitely that time. Take it from a few developers that are offering their own advice for how to endure the outbreak:

In the midst of all this uncertainty and anxiousness, don’t forget that gaming is an extremely viable way to help bring people together in a scenario where coming together is extremely limited and, for health and safety reasons, not encouraged at the moment. In the past week alone, we’ve seen plenty of communities and organizations turn to gaming in the wake of the coronavirus, such as the Phoenix Suns simulating their season games in NBA 2K20, and Discord expanding how users can communicate around the world.

In the next few weeks, take time to escape into games for a bit. Whether it’s only for an hour or all day, whether it’s diving into a single-player game or hopping into multiplayer matches with friends: gaming might just be one of the best ways to get through what is surely going to be a difficult few weeks or, most likely, months.

Heck, if anything, now might just be the best time to start working through your backlog or that game that you’ve always been meaning to play; this might just be the chance that I have to finally play through Persona 5. Of course, later this week we have Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal to look forward to, and they’re surely the kind of escape that we need right now.

From all of us here at DualShockers, we hope that our readers and their friends, family, and loved ones are safe and healthy, and most importantly, taking the necessary measures to self-isolate and ensure proper health practices in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on how to protect yourself and others visit the CDC’s official website, and if you can, consider donating to a health organization or charity to assist those in need.

Ryan Meitzler

Ryan is the Editor-in-Chief at DualShockers and has been a lover of games as long as he can remember. He holds a BA in English and Cinema and lives in New York City.

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