Video Grants Gamers A Look Into Capcom’s Tokyo Headquarters

on September 23, 2012 12:09 AM

Google may often be voted as the best place to work, but after watching this video, you might want to consider Capcom as a close second. A new video takes viewers on a tour of the Capcom Tokyo Headquarters, which are, to say in the least, ritzy. Capcom fans will drool over the amount of fabulous goodies locked away inside, ranging from an array of action figures to a life-size statue of the old-school Megaman.

Although the video focuses largely on the aforementioned material delights, you can see in the background just how nice the facility is, too. Take a look at the lobby in the first few minutes of the film, for example; it’s a crisp, modern environment, one that I’m sure Capcom’s employees enjoy each day they come in to work.

Not to mention, you know, getting to work for one of the largest gaming corporations out there. Take a look for yourself and keep in mind: it’s totally okay to let your geek side squeal with delight.

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