Video Interview: Guitar Hero Live with Designer Jim Norris

on July 22, 2015 1:00 PM

Plastic peripheral rock gods lend me your ears: the second coming of the rhythm video games renaissance is almost upon us. And Guitar Hero, the series that originally kicked things off the last time around is back, as developer Freestyle Games and Publisher Activision prepare to launch the upcoming Guitar Hero Live.

Through Guitar Hero Live, the series is going back to its roots and bringing the guitar (and just the guitar) back to the forefront while showcasing  the experience of being on-stage and living out your rock star fantasies.

We sat down and spoke with Jim Norris, a designer from Freestyle Games who took the time to fill us in on what players can expect to find in this new  re-imagined and always-connected experience found in the upcoming Guitar Hero Live. Check out the full interview in the clip below.

Video also available on YouTube.

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