Video Interview with Skate 3 Producer Chris “Cuz” Parry

on March 8, 2010 11:13 AM

Video Interview with Skate 3 Producer Chris

In case you didn’t know, DualShockers had the privilege of attending an EA media day last week  in the big apple. We had a sneak peaks at many titles. Some familiar, some surprising, and some that we just can’t talk about yet (but we will soon). Skate 3 was definitely one of the more familiar title’s there, and our very own Al Zamora had a chance to site down with the man who’s been in charge of the series since the very beginning, Mr. Chris “Cuz” Parry. We were allowed to capture some footage off the screen as well, so you might see some new stuff you haven’t seen any where else. Enjoy the clip.

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