Video Of DSiWare Title Shows Off Beautiful Pseudo-3D Graphics

on May 9, 2010 7:00 AM

Video Of DSiWare Title Shows Off Beautiful Pseudo-3D Graphics

It may not be the real deal 3D experience quite yet, but this video shows off some great Pseudo-3D features for an upcoming DSiWare title, achieved by use of Head Tracking Technology from the Nintendo DSi’s camera. Take a look at the video and see for yourself and tell us what you think Nintendo has up their sleeve for their DS family in the coming years.

The result is similar to what people have been able to produce with the Nintendo Wii in home-brew projects, but now it is being used for entire games. Whether this will be the type of 3D planned for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS as well or will this form of visuals be exclusive to the DSi is not made clear but one thing is for sure, Nintendo is taking a strong approach at being 3D-ready and even existing Pseudo-3D will be a helpful tool in conveying to gamers what 3D can do for their games.

For more information on the game being shown check out Nintendo’s official website listing.

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