Fracked - Demo Launch Trailer | PS VR


Demo out now! The Fracked demo contains over 30 minutes of bombastic VR gameplay showcasing the free and intuitive no-rails movement on foot, on skis and whilst climbing through the game’s opening sections. It will give people the chance to experience the innovative run and gun combat and 1:1 grabbable cover system allowing you to move freely around the battlefield outflanking, outsmarting, and outgunning the enemy. Designed exclusively for PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Move, Fracked combines interactions, locomotion, and combat in a single, pioneering VR game with further enhancements for the new PlayStation®5, including uncapped dynamic resolution, improved framerate, loading times. The full game will launch on August 20, 2021. Fracked is available pre-order now! The Fracked Deluxe Edition includes: - Earth Defender Equipment Skins - Digital Soundtrack - Digital Art Book - 72 hours early access

PlayStation 4

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