Hood: Outlaws & Legends | Season 1: Samhain Launch Trailer


Hood: Outlaws & Legends launches Season 1: Samhain, which includes exciting new content, upgrades, and bug fixes! Get a complete look at the new sword-swinging outlaw, the gameplay reworks, and cosmetics in the Season 1 Trailer! The newest outlaw, Eidaa, has come to battle against the State. She is a talented skirmisher who brings both sword and sorcery to the field. As a hybrid character, Eidaa is capable of both dodging and parrying her way to victory. While she effectively keeps up the pressure, she has lower health than the other melee characters, and careful stamina management will be the key to success. Her abilities include replenishing vital gearboxes to keep her and her allies in top shape and setting a bomb that slows and damages enemies. Her ultimate is a magical shield that can block enemy projectiles, perfect for locking down key sightlines and protecting essential objectives. Like the other characters, she comes with several cosmetics and perks to customize her look and feel while out on heists!

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