Song in the Smoke | Launch Trailer


Song in the Smoke is a single-player survival adventure game, set in a beautiful but deadly world outside of time. The emphasis is very much on survival: players will need to camp, hunt, craft, and build fires in order to survive. There are deep mystical narrative components throughout the experience, waiting to be uncovered. VR survival in a world outside of time. Explore a beautiful, yet deadly virtual world. Use your bare hands to craft weapons and tools, make clothes, and brew potions that you’ll need to defend yourself against the vicious predators that stalk the ancient forests, forgotten meadows, and mountain passes of Song in the Smoke. Block, parry, and strike back with melee weapons, or sneak through the undergrowth to score the perfect shot with your bow. As well as the claws and teeth of hungry creatures, you’ll need to protect yourself against cold, hunger, poison, and exhaustion, building campfires to keep the darkness at bay as you uncover the secrets of this land.


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