Electronic Arts Applies for “Vigilant” and “Vigilance” Trademark in US and Europe

Electronic Arts Applies for “Vigilant” and “Vigilance” Trademark in US and Europe

What is “Vigilant”? Besides DualShockers’ watchful eye for trademarks, both “Vigilant” and “Vigilance” have been trademarked by Electronic Arts in both the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The applications are filed under Class 9 for game software and Class 41 for online game software.

It’s worth mentioning that class 41 doesn’t necessarily mean that, if we’re talking about the new game, it will be online. The class is required for any kind of online feature, including smaller ones like leader boards and similar features.

Not only has Electronic Arts applied for both of these trademarks, but the major publishing studio has also registered the domain “VigilanceGame.com” (seen below) giving more credence that this may be an actively developing project.

Vigilance Domain

There has been no word one way or the other what “Vigilance” or “Vigilant” may be — there was a nearly two-decade old PC game with a similar name (Vigilance by Postlinear Entertainment), however that studio has long-since dissolved.

With that said, it may be no coincidence that the trademark is being registered close to today’s Nintendo Switch livestream. Electronic Arts had previously discussed that one or two bigger games would be making an appearance. In any case, we will find out more tonight.

Without any further information any guesses on “Vigilant” or “Vigilance” is entirely conjecture.