ViGRAND’s New Third-Party Switch Controller Resembles the Ouya’s Controller

The NS Wireless Gamepad by ViGRAND is a new third-party controller for the Switch, offering Bluetooth pairing as well as an extremely familiar design.
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Nearly five years ago, the Android-based micro-console the Ouya was released. Although it was one of Kickstarter’s early hits, the Ouya was a commercial failure to the gaming market. Two years after its initial launch, the assets were acquired by Razer, Inc. who announced that production for the console would end on July of that year. Since then, and the Ouya has faded into obscurity. However, the Ouya’s legacy appears to be living on in the form of a new third-party controller for the Nintendo Switch.

The NS Wireless Gamepad is a third-party controller created by Chinese manufacturer ViGRAND is a controller that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and PC. According to the manufacturer, the controller pairs via Bluetooth V3.0 and features a 380mAh lithium battery which gives approximately five hours of use while only two to three hours to charge. The NS Wireless Gamepad also supports Gyro controls and includes dual motors inside for rumble support. Sadly the product does not offer Near Field Communication (NFC) support.

Currently, the controller is priced at $24.99; however, if you’re looking to purchase the product currently it is out of stock. You can check out a comparison between the ViGRAND’s controller and the Ouya controller below:

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