Viking Rage Hurtles onto Oculus Rift Along with an Update of New Powers and a New Area

Viking Rage Hurtles onto Oculus Rift Along with an Update of New Powers and a New Area

Headup Games and N-Gon's Viking Rage isn't just for HTC Vive gamers anymore! Now, Oculus Rift players can enjoy fighting like a viking.

Towards the end of this past April, VR title Viking Rage came to Steam for the HTC Vive, much to the chagrin of some owners of other virtual reality devices. However, today Headup Games and N-Gon have announced the game has been made available to Oculus Rift owners. Don’t worry, that’s not the only update.

In addition to the new platform, Viking Rage is also getting a content update, offering a brand new area to conquer: Helheim. In Helheim, players will encounter new enemies that will rush onwards in massive waves. There are also some new abilities to take advantage of in order to thwart this threat.

  • Access to all levels will be granted from the start, all mini games are unlocked as well.
  • All weapons are unlocked now, so you’ve got the whole arsenal worthy of a raging Viking.
  • Kill the Valraven to turn into a mighty giant, able to crush your enemies like toys.
  • Be aware of the Testral and his shield, as arrows will break upon impact and thrown axes will deflect right back at you.
  • A new mighty weapon is hidden in Asgard. Find it and harness its power!
  • New sounds and music were added, with even more to come.

In Viking Rage, players defend their viking fortress from an onslaught of trolls, kobolds, and a wide range of other mythical creatures. In this tower defense title, you will utilize VR technology to launch arrows, throw axes, and detonate bombs for the glory of your people.

Viking Rage is now available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift through Steam for $8.99. For more information on the game, you can also visit the official website of Headup Games. You can watch the new giant ability in action in the trailer provided below.