Viking Rage Unleashes Norse Fury in VR on Steam

Viking Rage Unleashes Norse Fury in VR on Steam

The Steam storefront announced recently that yet another time period is available in VR. While the historical details of Viking Rage may be a little fuzzy, it still packs an ax to the face. Developer N-Gon Entertainment released the game for $17.99 USD (with an extra 10% off until May 5th). Don’t grab your drinking horn just yet as you will need an HTC Vive to enjoy this slaughter.

You take on the role of a viking protector who must repel wave after wave of enemies from your Norse homeland. Move to waterfalls, caves, villages, castles and gear up with your trusty ax and bow. A wide assortment of enemies will be there to try and take you down including kobolds, wolves, and even giants. Massive bosses based on Viking mythology also await you: can you send them to Hel where they belong?

The game plays as a first person tower defense game. You have multiple weapons to choose from to take out attacking forces. While the traditional bow and arrow will serve as a main weapon, more intimidating options like bombs and a crossbow are available.

It seems like the enemy has a number of tricks up their sleeve as they send troops from the land and air. They even have a balloon delivery service for small monsters. But you can control the battlefield with preset booby traps and the ability to transport to different areas of the map for better strategic positioning.

Viking Rage also includes the following features:

  • Throw axes and bombs
  • Shoot with bow and arrows or crossbows
  • Play with the four elements
  • Surprise the intruders with traps
  • There are outlandish lands, ludicrous weapons and all kinds of enemies to discover. Let Thor guide you to reach a Norse war frenzy!

While a VR tower defense game with a fixed location is nothing new, the game’s colorful graphics and smooth action are quite impressive. The ability to jump around the battlefield and spring traps also adds some extra elements to separate this from a brainless ax-a-thon. Hopefully  N-Gon Entertainment has learned to control the Viking Rage, or we may all be in peril.

The launch trailer is available below: